LZ1AQ - Software


LC delay line
Download LC delay line Excel file.


The software presented here is written by Chavdar Levkov Jr. LZ1ABC. You can visit also his home page at http://www.qsl.net/lz1abc/ .

Potty Recorder

Recorder especially suitable to record all audio activity during the contest. Audio stream is recorded in small files with predetermined duration (usually 1min). This enables easy extraction of desired files since they are synchronized with the log.
Download Potty Recorder

A small program for fast and easy transfer of old paper logs into computer ADIF files.
Download Potty Log


ExtIO_Icom_v11.dll is a dll program which works with Winrad SDR (and all clones). It synchronizes the Icom radio VFO with Winrad receiving frequency.

The program works only with Icom transceivers and receivers which have CIV protocol and interface. The transceiver must have CAT control board connected to one of the existing COM ports of the PC. For more details see Integrating Software Defined Radio (SDR) and a Standard Transceiver. Revision 2 in this home page.
Download ExtIO_Icom_v11.dll

Active Antenna Amplifier Ham Kit

Active Antenna Amplifier
model AAA-1B is now Available

Active Antenna Amplifier Ham Kit

This amplifier is intended for construction of small wideband active receiving antennas from LF to upper HF bands. The mechanical construction of the particular loop/dipole antenna must be performed by the user. This amplifier can use two separate small magnetic loops. These two loops are used also as two arms of a small electrical dipole. Thus 3 different antennas can be used. The amplifier has four remotely switched modes: Loop A, Loop B, crossed parallel loops A&B and dipole. Each mode can be switched immediately and this enables us to use the best antenna for the moment.

Click here for Active Antenna Amplifier Ham Kit